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(MWS 2019) Ljubljana, Slovenia

Mediterranean Winner Show 2019

At the 2015 General Assembly of FIFe, Fédération Internationale Feline, the European feline organization founded in 1949 and composed of 41 nations, approval was given for the establishment of the Mediterranean Winner Show, a show to be organized annually by the FIFe member countries of the Mediterranean area. At the Mediterreanen Winner Show, the cats of recognized breeds and house cats of FIFe members from all over the world which, in the 13 months preceding the show, have obtained the titles required for qualification can participate, as for the World Winner Show. Because of the importance of this show, the winning cats of the Mediterranean Winner Show will have their title shown on their pedigree, just as it is for the title of World Winner. 

The next Mediterranean Winner Show (MWS) will take place in Ljubljana on March 16th & 17th 2019 at the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre organised by Feline Club Ljubljana (Felinološko društvo Ljubljana) and Slovenian Association of Feline Clubs (Zveza felinoloških društev Slovenije).

During the two-day event, hundreds of cats from all around the world will compete for the title of Mediterranean Winner. We expect around 400 hundred cats, over 150 exhibitors, over 5000 visitors and numerous partners present at the show.

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Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana is a city that will surprise you and exceed your expectations. It is unique – small by surface area, but huge in terms of hospitality and quality of life. 

Gospodarsko razstavisce

The GR - Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre is a leading convention venue in Slovenia. It is situated in the city centre. It was established in 1954, and first exhibitions opened one year later.

The Mediterranen Winner Show 2019 will take place on March 16th and 17th in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


We hope to see you there...

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16/17 March